Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~Fashion Week Spring 2010-Backstage With Francois Nars for Marc Jacobs~

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"I`d like to believe that the women who wear my clothes are not dressing for other people, that they`re wearing what they like and what suits them. It`s not a status thing." -Marc Jacobs

It's Fashion Week Spring 2010 in NYC and the energy is crazy!!!! There is absolutely nothing like Fashion Week in NYC. Well....maybe Fashion Week in Paris...nope, scratch that, I stand by my original statement: THERE IS NOTHING LIKE FASHION WEEK IN NYC!!!!

Now, I definitely have a deep passion for fashion but everyone knows my 1st true love is makeup. Francois Nars is tied with MAC for my favorite brand of all time. Imagine if MAC and Nars teamed up to create a line?! Omg...what a cute baby that would be!! Ok, I'm getting delirious...

Back to business... Francois Nars and Marc Jacobs were gracious enough to share the looks that will be seen on the runway for Marc Jacobs Runway Spring 2010. And it's FABULOUS!!!! This might be my favorite among the looks/trends I have seen during this exciting week. Francois himself describes it as "ballerina, cabaret girl, Broadway show meets opera meets Martha Graham with a touch of gothic." Delicious.

The Nars/Jacobs team has released a video showcasing the look and how it is achieved. My fellow makeup whores and fashionistas are bound to enjoy this...


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Glamour Whore...xoxo


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