Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~The Hair Raising Talent Of Olivier Chomienne~

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"The hair is the richest ornament of women." -Martin Luther

Oribe. Ken Paves. Rita Hazan. Frédéric Fekkai. Recognize these names? Of course. They are well known celebrity hair stylists. Now, they are admittedly excellent at what they do. Amazing talents, all of them. That being stated, another name you should know but most likely don't is Olivier Chomienne. Olivier is by far the most amazing hair/wig stylist I have ever seen in my life. Yes, that is a strong statement and I mean every word.

As a makeup artist with a deep passion for fashion, I have been watching fashion runway shows and reading Vogue/Elle/WWD and any other fashion magazine/periodical I could get my hands on since I was about 9 years old and working as a makeup artist for more years than I will state. What I have noticed is the 1st thing people make note of is the clothes, the 2nd is usually shoes/accessories and 3rd makeup/hair, however usually more emphasis on the makeup. The hairstylist is sometimes the unsung hero. However, Olivier may change all of that.

His creations are works of art that should be on display in the Louvre Museum or MOMA. If Olivier is the stylists on a shoot, you can bet the hair is going to be the star of the show. His talent is awe inspiring, cutting edge and... well...literally hair raising.

From the bio on his website:

Olivier Chomienne was born and raised in France. He has lived and travelled throughout the world and often pulls his inspirations from the exotic cultures and colors he experienced. He has developed a unique style which ranges from natural beauty to one-of-a-kind pieces for high end concepts. After years of working in some of the top salons, he is now expanding into the world of editorial hairstyling , runway work, and art exhibitions. He is known for his conceptual abilities and positive energy.

Olivier is now based in New York City.

Clients include, but no limited to :

Highlights Magazine (AUS), Teen Vogue Magazine (US), PapierDoll Magazine (UK), Blink Magazine (MX), CosmoGirl Magazine (US), Seventeen Magazine (US), Digital Arts Magazine (UK), H Magazine (Spain), Teen Prom Magazine (US), YM Magazine (US), LAG Magazine (US), ZOOMZOOM (US), Passion Magazine (US), Rivaaj Magazine (IN), New You Magazine (US), Florida international (US), CNN, FOX, MTV, Ralph Lauren, Pamela Thompson, Schwarzpof, Wella, Rene Furtherer, and more.

The work of Olivier Chomienne:

Kisses Bitches...
Glamour Whore...xoxo


brazenbeauty said...

Waaawww crazy!! Nice post;-)

Glamour Whore said...

Thanx Mama;))) U have to google him, he is unbelievable!!! Amazing...

Liv said...

Amazing. He used to do my hair in Atlanta. I had no idea he'd gone this far!

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